Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adepticon Recap: 40k Team Tournament

Sorry it took me so long to begin posting again on the Adepticon recap.  The slow bandwidth at the hotel really sapped the life out of me.  Here's what I'm preparing for this week:

- 40k Team Tournament (right now)
- Warhammer Team Tournament (Tuesday)
- Cool 40k Armies (Thursday)

I found out that I ended up placing 8th overall in the first day of the 40k Championships.  That really made my day - so close to getting the top spot, another win would have probably done it!

Now on to the team tournament coverage.  We started out early (6:30 am) to begin judging.  Unfortunately we didn't get judged until right up until the start of the tournament so I didn't get the chance to look around and take pictures.  That is one of my favorite parts of the tournament so I think next year I'm going to volunteer to judge.  I've done every Adepticon and it's about time I give back on my favorite event.

Jeff, one of our team Red's most vocal members!
I got so swept up in the games, I didn't take any pictures after the first round... stupid me.

Back to the coverage!  We set up the massive diorama.  On the left side (left as you're looking at it) was Chicago Kamikaze's Team Yellow.  On the right was our Team Red.  In the middle of the coliseum we split the sides down the center.  Here's some shots of setup and it finally together.

For "Team Red", Jeff's army was primary green, Aaron's was primary purple, Matt's was primary red and obviously mine was primary silver.   We had some hellion races going around our side of the board and underneath it.  The race doesn't stop for a civil war!

Alan is giving the display a mustache ride
I think the backdrop really set off the display.  I'd like to give a big thanks to Greg Hedges for all of his help on it.  In the end we ended up getting Best Xenos.  When I used to be a part of another group for the team tournament we won that award 2 years in a row with Tau and Orks and almost got it with Tyranids.  Now I am happy to say I've taken almost every xenos in the team tournament!

For the games, my pairing ended up basically getting a tie every round.  I don't know what the deal was but we just had a hard time getting full points.  We always either got the primary or secondary objective but never both.  As the previous day, we got 3 Grey knights players.  That meant that between both days and 8 games of 40k, I went against 5 Grey Knights players, 2 marines and 1 ork.  I guess if you can't beat them, join them (yeah I'm putting together GK's this week for NOVA).

Here's a shot from the first round.  My beasts coming out of the webway was a constant threat and I never had an issue getting the portal out.  I really want to now take a look at doing a portal hybrid list.  I think it would do well. Our first round had 3 storm ravens.  My partner had the heavy wytch list so we tried to surround and assault the vehicles.  It worked once and killed all the passengers.

so close, just got a weapon destroyed!
In the end we had a great time.  I only had one game where I wasn't too happy with an opponent, other then that great sports.  Sorry for the lack of pictures during the round but here are a few of the armies I was able to capture before getting games in.  Like I said, next year I totally plan on judging so I can get tons of pictures of set up armies and themes.

I love this display board, clean and very Necron

It's a trippy Necron yellow brick road.  I love the surreal backdrop!

The great themed team from Montreal!  They never fail to disappoint.

As usual they had great propaganda.  I love the pamplets.
Back to assembling GK's.  Totally on the bandwagon. 


  1. Good recap... except for the last part...

    "Back to assembling GK's." WTF!!! not another one! Please tell me it's not true...

    And by the way, haven't you heard the latest codex rumor... Black Knights... they are supposed to be able to kill any grey knights unit on 2+...

    On a more serious note... It was fun to have some time to chat a bit and grats on your Best xenos award!

  2. I recognize that display background...

    Just staying that I stole the image first ;) But that's an awsomely huge display. Congrats


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