Friday, June 8, 2012

Necron Royal Court & HQ's

Here are all of the royal court painted up minus the static grass and gold designs on the shoulder pads.  I'll add those in after playtesting.  I decided in order to not confuse the crypteks, I painted their weapon orbs different colors.  I'll give my opponent a color chart each time for ease of reference.  That will allow me to try different combinations while I learn the army. 

I also bought my supplies for my portable display base to fit in the suitcase for our NOVA trip.  I'm really anxious to find out if we'll be using 6th or 5th edition rules for the main event.  That will shape which way I go with the army.  At least I'll have a painted army to practice with.

There is a beautiful thing about painting up a "speed" army.  Just like my imperial guard, I can knock out units really fast.  It's refreshing. 

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