Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scarab Cookies

The necron project for NOVA is flying through record completion... I may have the army (first version) finished by this weekend.  Not bad, getting over 2,000 points done in a few weeks.  I painted up all of the scarab bases; a combination of resin scarab parts and "normal" scarabs up top.  I think they look more like swarms emerging from the desert rather then a few (pictured) floating above the sands.

While painting them I kept thinking the scarabs looked like raisins or chocolate chips since I paint the sand first and had the scarabs based black.  Last night I got about half way through the last of my infantry, I'm currently in the process of painting:

2 Overlords
1 Lord
10 Crypteks
5 Immortals

I also couldn't resist starting to paint the new Necron Night Scythe.  Here's where I'm at with that.  I should have that finished along with this infantry tonight.  That will leave me with just an annihilation barge and command barge and I'm finished!

With the rumors of 6th edition toting cumulative glances destroying things, I really like the idea of crypteks wielding the assault 4 haywire gun.  A pair of them from dual courts attached to a 5 man warrior squad in a Night Scythe could be deadly to vehicles.  We'll see if that's the case.  If it is my Necron Flying Circus could be nasty.


  1. Nice looking shading on your blues. My initial thoughts on seeing the scarab is that they look more like they're burrowing (or dead and dust is blowing over the top of them), but after reading your explanation, I can see them as coming out of the ground as well.

  2. Those would double as great gone to ground markers for the army too! Nice work. Now how many people do you think will bitch that you are just trying to "cheat" on LOS I wonder;)

    1. Zab, that would be pretty funny if they try and say I'm modeling for advantage... what they wouldn't know is I'd give them LOS regardless! I figure I'll mix some more of the "three flying" scarabs in there even though the ones that are burying in the sand are actually raised up on a mound of sand almost the same height.


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