Thursday, June 28, 2012

Space Shrimp! aka Necron Wraiths

These models rock.  They're fun, very cool looking and actually a blast to play in game.  They scare the crap out of opponents and under night fight can run up a flank relatively unmolested.  The whole time I assembled them I kept thinking of tasty prawns or shrimp.  My wife probably didn't appreciate me chasing her around the house with them shouting "Space Shrimp"!

Here's some shots of the first 5 I painted up.  What a really cool kit, I give the GW sculpters some major props.  They captured that creepy look almost out of the Matrix movies.

I think I might do a 2nd squad of 5.  The sad thing is they compete against scarabs for fast attack slots.  I wish I could run 4 slots, that would be sweet to be able to do both!

Only a little more time until 6th edition!


  1. Looking good man!
    Take a Cron ally and then take more fast attack through that?...not sure how legal that will be, we will see on Saturday. Also you may well be able to take more slots *shrug* who knows.

    I really want some of these but I can't fit them in my army fluff wise.

  2. Nice work! They are indeed great models; I had to get a box even though i don't play Necrons!

  3. just wanted to say that your painting articles have really helped out on my necrons as I wanted to go for a similar tarnished copper colour but had no Idea how, Thanks brian.

  4. Pushups, thanks much! If you need any more help, let me know I'd be happy to give tips.


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