Monday, March 21, 2016

Chaos Display Boards - Carving

I figured, why not throw two big projects in while I'm scrambling to get everything painted for Adepticon.  Depending on whether I run a big or small army, I like to do two size display boards.  One is 18 x 24, and the other is 24 x 30. 

My friend was able to hook me up with some additional sheets of the high density foam.  I bought some wooden trim and framed the foam and glued/nailed it in place.  Luckily my same friend was able to make some stencils for me to knock out some chaos symbols.  I'm going to integrate some of the Dragon Forge tiles into it to give it the cool Mayan headhunter temple theme.

My wife (and cat) helped me out coming up with the pattern for each.  I have a Mayan statue that will be in the middle of the board where the river of blood will flow from.  On one side will be a path on the small board.  The big board will have two paths flanking the river.

The central Khorne symbol will be brass with rivets.  I'm debating on whether the chaos symbols should be done in metal or look like they're just carved out of the stone.  On each board I'll have a dirt area like the temple is going up against the "forest".  Plus it disguises where I screwed up the trim and had to put filler in since I didn't cut the trim to a perfect match of the foam.


I then went about doing super carving with the dremel in the garage to not kick up so much dust.  I carved out areas for each of the tiles so they can be set in the foam.  Since we already found out that this foam eats spray/primer, I'm going to put a heavy layer of laytex paint on to seal before I work my spray paint. 

Tonight I'll cut up some rivets and finish up my cultists.  Here's what I have to finish... all in like 8 days!

- final painting of the 20 cultists
- final painting of the soul grinder
- 14 khorne dogs
- 8 "biker" chaos Calvary
- Angroth (super thirster)

Summoned stuff I want to paint
- Skull Cannon
- 2 daemon princes
- More blood letters and dogs

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