Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TT Khorne Display Update 3 - Laying on the Details

Another successful Sunday was in the books and luckily my supplies arrived in time!  We started the phase of laying on base colors of spray paints and started to detail the parts of the board.  Unfortunately I didn't snap pictures of all of the activity going on, my hands were covered in glue and paint.

I went out to home depot with a pallet of colors in hand.  Makes it easier then guessing on the fly.  20 spray paint cans later and a bag full of craft paint and we were ready to rock.

The spraying commenced.  Got a bunch of plastic chain and jewelers chain to hold the support sections and crashed pillars.  We hand painted on some sections too where we planned on laying down grating. 

Greg designed and printed up the backdrop.  We wanted to add some painting elements so I started to hand paint on the portal opening up in bright greens.  Danny worked on some decorative pillars as scatter terrain to break up the flat areas.

Here's the first couple layers as it stands now. Greg was a champ and cut a ridiculous amount of rivets out of plastic rod.  I started applying them across any of the brass accents.   Greg and Jeff are going the distance this week and detail painting all of the rock surfaces so we can start with the oil washes this weekend. 

I'm going to pick up some craft paint metallic colors so we can work on all the brass and silver areas.  I love GW paints, but the cost is a little too high for projects this big.

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