Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goredrinker Kill Tally Counter

If you know me, or kept up with my blog you know I love counters and tokens (as shown by my Khorne counter).  I've created another tracker to help remind me of things.  I created this guy to keep track of the number of kills my chaos lord with Goredrinker racks up.  Since each result means a different thing, I don't want to forget!

I figure if and when I ever run the Hell forged Hunting Pack, I can use it for that as well. I found some metal skull beads, they work perfect!

The crunch is here.  Almost finished with a bunch of models.  I'm close to getting my requried ones done for the team tournament and singles, but I'm not sure how many summoned models I'll get to.  My wife helped me more with the display board, more on that shortly!


  1. Love this idea and might have to shamelessly pinch it.

    1. Please do! The internet is a beautiful place for ideas.


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