Friday, March 11, 2016

Chaos Juggerlord

The big boss is ready to take some skulls.  I figured I'll try different weapon options so I magnetized his arms so I can run all kinds of choppy goodness.

Since I'll more then likely run the goredrinker, I'll use the glowing axe paired with a lightning claw.  I have some ideas on how to remember what his kill tally is up to, I'm all about cool markers and reminders so I don't forget things. 

Here's my progress list for Khorne for the singles and team tournament.  I'd love to be able to paint extra summoned models.

11 khorne-dogs
1 chaos cavalry biker

On the Painting Table:
tons of bases for miniatures
Void Shield Generator

Yet to Paint:
20 cultists
objective markers
Angrath (summoned thirster)
5 chaos cavalry bikers
14 khorne-dogs

Summoned Stuff I want to Paint:
Another summoned thirster
2 daemon princes
8 bloodletters
skull cannon
more khorne-dogs

Additionally I need to keep working on the team display base and I'd like to knock out a bunch of extra khorne scenery!  Two and a half weeks to go....

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