Friday, February 11, 2011

Adepticon Progress & Weighting Bases

With Adepticon right around the corner, I snapped a shot of my progress.  Here's all the miniatures I need to finish, unfortunately most are not done!  I did finally get everything assembled and based, so now it's speed painting time... and time to rack up some points with the wife so I can get extra painting in.

Blood Angels Finished
10 Jump Assault Marines
8 Sanguinary Guard

Blood Angels Yet to Do
10 Walking Assault Marines
3 Sanguinary Priests
Drop Pod
Baal Predator

Orks Finished
25 Boyz
5 Grotz

Orks Yet to Do
67 Boyz
15 Grotz
16 Lootaz
7 Nob Bikers
Warboss on Bike
Big Mek
Mekboy Stompa!
6 Killa Kanz
1 Deffdread

I've also started weighting the bases of my Blood Angels.  I do this for three reasons:

1. Many of the miniatures are top heavy it keeps them from falling over.
2. I've inserted a rare earth magnet inside the washer and combined with the metal washer adheres to my cut magnet base in my carrying case allowing me to pack the miniatures in tight!
3. I just like the feel of a heavier miniature :)

As you can see I end up placing two washers on top of each other and gluing them to the base.  I then used some wood putty to round out the outside of the base and sand it down.  Hopefully it looks disguised (all my Blood Angels to date have been using this method.

I've also decided that for my 10 assault marines on foot and for my Chaplain I magnatized the backpacks.  That way I can switch over to jump packs with relative ease.  Now it remains to be seen if I'm able to not lose the backpacks mid-game!

Tomorrow is the Adepticon team tournament primer where we'll help test out missions and get some practice games in.  Two of my teammates are driving up from Memphis.  Looking forward to it!  My big test will be to see if I actually like using the Baal Predator with the flamestorm cannon.

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