Monday, February 21, 2011

Blood Angels Tokens

I was tired of constantly forgetting to roll for Red Thirst as well as remembering which unit had it in the game.  Last night I created a bunch of tokens that should help do the trick.  I also did one for the Sanguinator's blessing as well as the Death Mask of Sanguinius.  Real easy to do, just took a bunch of extra 25mm bases and went to town.  I put some 'ard coat over the top to keep them from smearing with handling.

The weekend was fairly productive.  I was able to finish the 15 grotz and 20 boyz that were in progress and started on batch painting my last 30 boyz.  I've been more in the mood to speed paint so the Blood Angels are taking a little rest.

This week's goal is to finish 30 ork boyz and 10 blood angels assault marines.

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