Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blood Angels Progress... on to the Priests

Made some good progress towards my Blood Angels today.  Finished up 6 of the assault marines on foot minus their backpacks (I've magnetized them so I can switch them back and forth) and foliage on the bases.  I'm happy with the way the yellow helmets pop.

Here's the start of my next batch of marines.  3 Sanguinary Priests (two jump packed versions and one magnetized for walking), along with the remaining 4 assault marines on foot that don't have helmets.

They look all shiny without any wash!  I'm hoping I can make some decent progress tonight.  Once these are done I'll be finished for Adepticon with all the "red" blood angels.

I'll leave you with the 90 done ork boyz.  Sad thing is I'll probably get zero practice games in before the gladiator tournament!


  1. Like your work, especially the bases which are the bane of my life and never get much attention. The yellow also looks nice, I went with a less bright version but its nice to see how they would look on the extreme end of the scale :)

  2. Thanks Dalinair. I cheated on this project, a majority of the bases came from Scibor Miniatures. Although once I'm done adding all the flowers at the end, it'll be a decent amount of time invested. It's funny, sometimes basing will inspire an entire army.

  3. Howd you achieve the yellow BA helmets? They look fantastic.

  4. The yellow takes some time but is easy to do:
    - base with Iyanden Darksun
    - couple coats of golden yellow. It's a translucent paint so you need a couple thin coats.
    - wash with gryphonne sepia.
    - paint everything but the recesses with golden yellow. This might take a few thin coats.
    - line highlight with sunburst yellow.
    - if you want some extreme hard edges do the corners with a mix of sunburst and white.

    Hope this helps!


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