Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stompa Paint Scheme & Ork Boyz finished!

Just finished up my last batch of 30 ork boyz.  That puts me at the 90 I need to have finished for Adepticon.  Now the tons of other miniatures I have to do is another story.  Here's a couple quick shots of the latest mob.

I have primed and ready to go the mekboy stompa.  Going with the bad moons theme I'd like to have a good portion of it yellow.  Either that or primarily black with maybe a large painted yellow moon on the belly.  What are your thoughts?

I'll have a full day open tomorrow to get my painting on, time to make some major progress.  I'm debating on whether I keep going on the ork kick or switch gears back to Blood Angels.  Updates tomorrow!

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