Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ork Skin: AoBR Orks

I needed a break from painting some Blood Angels so there is nothing like speed painting some orks.  Here's the new ork skin method I'm trying out, would love to get your feedback. These orks below haven't been finished completely, but they're tabletop ready.

The goal with this skin is to not be neon green or overly green.  I wanted a dirtier / more earthy tone.  The mystery ingredient is gryphonne sepia.  It rocks.

- Base Gretchin Green (foundation paint)
- Wash fairly heavy with Thraka Green (wash)
- Paint 80% (tops of muscles) back with Gretchin Green
- Wash with Gryphonne Sepia (wash)
- Highlight 20% (tops of muscles) with Camo Green

For a fast paint scheme, I'm fairly happy with how it turns out.  It's enough to at least make the skin a decent focal point which allows me to cheat a little on the rest of the model with base colors and washing only.

Tonight I'm getting a game in with the Sanguinary Guard List... will bring the camera for good pictures and a real report.

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