Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon Day 1 Recap - 40k championships

As promised, I'm wiped out but will be recapping the first day at Adepticon.  I had a great time at the 40k championships and learned a couple things

1. Need more practice games to learn the little tricks and make adjustments
2. I have to stop taking "one trick pony" armies.  This sanguinary guard list is a lot of fun but relies on the matchup.

With that said, I placed 15th overall in a field of 246 players... not bad for the biggest championship ever!  Go figure if I could have done a little better!

Since I get wrapped up in the moment, I'm not going to do detailed battle reports, just some nice pictures and an overview.  I'll come back later with my opponents' names as well.

First game was against one of the top 16 finalists.  Great painted tyranid list.  I was facing somewhere in the 50+ genestealer range, so I knew I had to be extra careful in assault.  Lucky for me there was a nice piece of forest mid way through the table... with bugs not getting "frag grenades" I knew I'd strike first.

That was the brave last stand of the blood angel force.  I repelled wave after wave of genestealers, but in the end what got me is the tervigon granting feel no pain.  My opponent rolled 12 out of 14 saves with feel no pain (in combat resolution) and multiple phases there were only two enemies left.  I never was able to jump out and get at the big bugs intact.  Was a fun game, but in the end I was tabled!

Second game went a little better, I matched up with a beautifully painted (in progress) iron snakes army.  He didn't get the chance to do the freehand icons but I am really looking forward to seeing his army finished.  It was one of those games that just went my way, his rolls were not so hot and I was able to dictate the flow with my jump troops.  The Sanguinar was a beast in combat and killed h is weight.  In the end I ended up with the win.  Here's a couple of great models from the game. 

Third game was against a really well played eldar player with beautiful subtle colors and gorgeous freehand work.  It was the typical air cav and I knew he had the advantage when it came to mobility so I had to try and corner his troops.  I decided to not even try for grabbing objectives and focus on "mark for death" and killpoints.  I was able to corral some of his units in a corner and then once I had the killpoint advantage I ran away.  For three turns the angels did a "tactical retreat".  The funny part of the game was Dante and Eldrad going toe to toe for 6 combat phases.  The psycher kept killing a few assault marines mixed in the fray and winning combat resolution by always making his fortune saves!  All said and done, my ancient Dante pulled it off.

Finally my fourth game, I died in a pathetic "almost tabling".  The chaos army of doom with three squads of oblits, two demon princes, dropping melta terminators and lots of deathguard in rhinos.  It was brutal.  I tried to bait his units back, but some not  so hot rolling on my part didn't help.  I ended the game with only a couple of guard left.  The Sanguinar wiffed a couple of times as well and left a demon prince with one wound who proceeded to work my army!  Hey, these things happen.

All said and done, not a bad showing.  I always try to end up in the top 25%... soft scores really helped me get the placing that I did.  Looking forward to the team tournament tomorrow.  4 games down, 7 to go!!!

Here are some great army pictures I saw of awesome armies from the con.

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