Saturday, April 16, 2011

DE Wrack Conversion - Ideas

I really want to put together wracks for the Dark Eldar, but I think I'm going to go a different path when it comes to conversion.  I've heard we may get new models in the summer timeframe but that's not stopping me from coming up with some neat ideas.

I really like the idea of having a gladiator arena in my display board and with that it would be cool to have different beasts and subhumans fighting it out with the wytches.  What better to be a good adversary to get butchered up in the arena then a counts-as wrack?  My first thought was to go with some sort of catachan base and add spikes, armor, and cruel weapons.  I just never really liked the models so I figured I'd scrap that. 

There are some awesome pre-made gladiators from Dark Art Miniatures but most tournaments require mostly GW based minis.  That throws out the easy method of just doing premade miniatures.

I then scanned the GW website for some suitable plastic replacements (plastic is so much easier to work and game with).  Two kits I think might be a great baseline for gladiators are the Beastmen Gor Herd and the Maurauders of Chaos.  Both of these have a dark look about them.  I'm torn on which would be the better kit.  Maybe ultimately I do a mixture of both?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I just thought... why limit myself to one race? I could do a whole ton of different races conscripted into gladiator service!


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