Saturday, April 16, 2011

Completed Raider & Wych

I had a blast painting the raider and the test wych model.  I didn't add any of the extra crew on the raider yet since I wanted to make sure that they'll fit in the new battlefoam trays I have coming.  I went with a different metal color for the exhaust, which helps break up all the silver.  Additionally I downloaded a bunch of Japanese Kanji translations... since my Kabaal is the "Kabaal of the Death Rune" the word on the side is "Death Dream" and I put "Poison" up in a couple places.  Figure it'd make it more fun.

For the wych, I kept with my desert / diamondplate basing scheme.  I'll post a how-to on that as soon as I'm able to prime my next set of miniatures (pouring rain here).  Here's how I did the skin tone - I wanted to keep it easy.

- Base Dneb Stone
- Heavy wash of Leviathan Purple
- Paint raised areas Dneb Stone
- 2/3 water & 1/3 Asurman Blue wash
- Raised areas 1/2 Dneb Stone 1/2 White

I'm pretty happy.  For the hair it was:

- Base Mechrite Red
- Paint Blood Red
- Wash Leviathan Purple
- Highlight Blazing Orange

I just got the first season of Sparticus Blood on the Sand, looking forward to getting some inspiration for making my abhuman wrack gladiators.  This has been some of the most fun I've had on a project yet.


  1. That raider is gobsmackingly good :)

  2. Raider looks great Brian can't wait to see the army

  3. Thanks guys. I've been having a blast painting this army. For the first time, I'm just painting models without really thinking about the list. I figure no matter what, I'll need a bunch of raiders, warriors and wyches, so I can't go wrong doing a ton of them to start!

  4. Love the freehand :) Your stuff is always amazing This is Kevin from Adepticon by the way (Iron Snakes guy you creamed).

  5. Kevin, welcome to the blog! I'm really looking forward to seeing your Iron Snakes finished. Are you posting pictures up?

  6. I will be. I have a few commissions I have to get done first as well as a model boat for work. Then back to the Iron Snakes.

    I've been assembling Dark Eldar recently myself and I love the models. I might have to add a contingent to my shelves of Eldar (to represent pirates of course).


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