Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adepticon Day 2 Recap - Team Tournament

I just finished up 8 games of 40k in 2 days and ran the jeopardy codicer contest at Adepticon.  I had a great talk with the Bell of Lost Souls guys right before typing this up, very inspirational to polish up some real how-to articles and work on my blogging skills.

We had a good run in the team tournament, not sure how we placed but I think we finished in the top 25%.  Thanks to our phantom 5th team member, the venerable Andy, we had a cool assortment of team spirit. Thanks to Andy's mad art skills, we won Team Spirit.  We had four hard fought and challenging games, I really respect the competition level at Adepticon.

Here's a shot of the team, and the postcard we distributed throughout Adepticon.  Our theme was "Death of a Handsome Man" since Andy wasn't able to be on the team this year, so he memorialized himself in the card and throughout our custom codex.

I'm going to keep this short, since I'm super tired, and have to wake up in 5 hours for the Gladiator... which will top the weekend at 11 40k games!!!  Here is one of my favorite armies that I saw this weekend.  A great theme from Quebec, Artik Powah.  They did a beautifully themed ork army, with tons of subtle (and not so subtle conversions).  Some of my favorite parts were snowplows on the fronts of the trucks and the grey alternative fleshtones.  Not only did they have a cool looking army, they made a diary that contained weeks of daily entries from an ork's perspective.  I can't wait to read through it when I get back.

Time to get some sleep!  I'll log in tomorrow  with the gladiator and my other favorite armies of the weekend.


  1. Tx for the comments Brian... It was very nice meeting you too guys... and Gratz for your team spirit award! We had a load of fun reading your codex again this year... keep up the good work we might see you again next year!

    Member of Artik Powah

  2. Danick, it was great meeting your team. I'm so happy you guys won the best theme/painting score. I think that's the best award the team tournament has to offer, and you deserved it!


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