Friday, April 8, 2011

Dark Eldar Test Model Done

Finished up my test model, I ended up going with the middle silver - the slightly bluish tint.  After working through the first few plates, I realized how small of an area I was working with.  Nothing like space marine armor with the large surface area!  So the thought of doing gold detailing throughout is nixed.  Instead I put a few gold designs throughout.  I think I'll do some random plates in gold too to bring out the chaotic look. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy.  The deckplate didn't come out as planned, next round I will start with that so I can get a good drybrush in then move on to the sand.  I think I need to line in some black again to create more separation the the plates as well.  The next step is to come up with the army logo / kabaal name.  I think purple and green ended up being neat accent colors. 

The raider will leave me a lot more space for freehand runes.  I'm really looking forward to the big plates and sails. 


  1. Man - do you ever stop? Looking great! I thought we'd see more Dark Eldar this year at AdeptiCon...does this mean we will see Team Handsome in spandex next year?

  2. Bri-bri,

    Is your heart set on purple? I'm thinking a rusty maroon color matched with a very exotic metal color (not sure what would work) might be a more interesting and Jabba-ish approach.


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