Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back in the Hobby Saddle!

It's almost like I've been a drug addict, getting the itch to paint some miniatures and play some games!  Today after doing some work around the house, I'm going to head on down the Chicago Battle Bunker and get my paint on!
It's crazy how addicting this stuff is and how taking almost a month off has been torture.  I've fooled around with the Dark Eldar skin tone some and I've come to the conclusion I've put way too much contrast in the muscle tones so I'm going to strip out the purple wash step.  Additionally, I want to seperate the skin from the purple armor so I'll use exclusively blue washes and keep them mild.  Pictures to be posted tonight as I finish up some infantry

For once, I won't be traveling for work this week, so it's time to break out the brushes.  I have a 1,500 point tournament next weekend that I'd love to bring my dark eldar to, but there is no way I'll even be close.  I think the orks need some non-gladiator games under the collective belts. 

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