Monday, June 20, 2011

Proxy DE Beasts & Lots 'O Assembly

I had a productive weekend of hobbying, and did a ton of assembly.  Between Friday and last night, I assembled:

- Three Ravagers
- Raider
- 10 hellions
- Razorwing Jetfighter
- 4 "Beasts"

I also finished painting the venom pictured in the previous post.  While painting the three ravagers I struggled with how I'd like to go about doing the beast packs.  Problems I have with the current DE beasts are they cost a ton, I can't stand the razor flocks, and being metal they're a pain in the ass.  I thought of a great substitute in the mean time for beasts.  For the Clawed Fiend, why not a not-so-freaky Spawn, and for the Khymera, I'll use the undead fantasy dire wolves.  They looked like they are fresh from someone's nightmare and plastic! 

As for the razorwing flocks, I really struggled.  The bats are pretty lame in the GW line, so I scoured the Chicago Battle Bunker for ideas.  I settled on the flying ripper swarms from forgeworld.  You get 9 of those nasties for $28.  It's not cheap, but by putting about 3 to a base, it's still cheaper then the metal one pose birds, plus they look way cooler.  I just need to figure out how to modify them a little bit to look less tyranid.

I also started up on the three ravagers.  I'm going to go with the hull and sail first, then do all the gunners and crew at once.  Sunday I was able to get the exhausts and chain done, and the first coat of the base metal color for the plating.  I'm not sure if doing three at once is such a smart idea, I might go insane with how tedious it'll get.  It's funny how the hobby turns into a job at times.

Finally I got to the Razorwing Jet.  What a cool model.  It ended up being a little smaller then I expected, but went together smooth (for the most part).  The only trouble I had was that the two hull pieces had to be held for awhile to keep flush and not pop a part.  I think the engine exhausts put a little pressure on the plates.  It was pretty cool how they gave the option for all three missile types.  I decided to just go with the mono missiles since I like the look.  You could probably magnatize them but I don't think many people will really care.  More then likely they'll all get fired at the same time so I don't think I'll need to keep track of them like I do with the hunter killer missiles on my loyalst armies.

This will be a realtively light travel week for me, just Atlanta Monday/Tuesday.  Should be another good week of hobby.  I'd love to get the hulls and sails done on the ravagers.

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  1. Great initial progress! Those substitutes look/sound good to me. It's a shame that they didn't do a "beast pack" plastic box - one clawed fiend, 3 khymerae, couple of razorwing flocks.


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