Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Templar List: All Infantry?

I'm playing in a local tournament this weekend at 1,500 points (so used to 1,750 and 1,850) and I figured I would try something and dust off an old army.  Now that the Templar have gotten a little boost with the FAQ, my assault terminators are even more nasty.  Only if I had more storm shields painted up!  I thought it might be fun to do an all infantry list.  I'm going to get a practice game in tonight, we'll see how it goes.

Here's the crazy list I'm thinking about bringing at 1,500 points.

HQ: Emperor's Champion with the all-so-fun preffered enemy vow
HQ: Chaplain with bolt pistol & melta-bombs with 3 cenobite servitors
HQ: Chaplain with bolt pistol & melta-bombs with 3 cenobite servitors

Elite: 10 assault terminators with 7 twin claws, 3 TH/SS.  All with furious charge (wish I had more TH/SS)

Troop: 10 initiates with BP/CCW, one melta, one powerfist.  10 neophytes with BP/CCW
Troop: 6 initiates with BP/CCW, one melta, one powerfist. 4 neophytes with BP/CCW, drop pod.
Troop: 5 initiates with bolters, one lascannon
Troop: 5 initiates with bolters, one lascannon

This could be a huge disaster, but it should be fun.  The two giant infantry blobs put my opponent in a situation, the minute they take one casualty the chaplain with the servitors allow a d6" with reroll +3" move towards any unit (chaplain allows unit to go towards any enemy, not just the closest).  With the addition of the run rule, they should be able to zip accross the board pretty fast. 

I'm not seeing a ton of long range infantry firepower outside of guard and venom dark eldar, and we surprisingly don't have a ton of that in our area. 

The infantry blob and the terminator squad straight up murder hordes - orks and tyranids don't stand a chance.  I'd get killed against an extreme mobile list like SM bikes and will be extremely frustrated against the eldar air-cav.  Unfortunately the two lascannons are hamstrung with the "shoot the closest" rule, and since I'm not bringing a commander, I'll need a roll of a 7 or less to shoot things far out. 

I need to figure out on the drop pod rule for Templars.  I think they still start coming in on turn 2, and not automatic on turn 1 like normal marines.  I thought it might help out a little to get an additional squad out at hard to reach parts of the table. 

My big choice may be to say screw the two lascannon squads and put another infantry blob on the table.  I could probably field an additional 20 man squad by tweaking some things and have the emperor's champion lead it.  

Either way, it'll be a good change of pace to bring this list. 

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  1. You are correct, BT do not have the drop pod assault rule, so their drop pods work like normal reserves.

    The 2 small lascannon squads are important for holding your backfield, and providing a little bit of covering fire.

    That said, you are still gonna have a hell of a time against heavily meched up lists like eldar or IG.


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