Sunday, June 5, 2011

Progress on Venom Painting

Yesterday I worked some on a few wyches and picked up the new venom kit at the Chicago Battle Bunker.  I have to say, that this venom kit is pretty sweet.  It went together without any problems and has been painting up easily.  To make things simple, I detached the riders and gunner from the venom for priming and ease of painting. 

The great thing about the kit is that there are multiple options to make additional vehicles unique.  The railing around the back side has two different options, and I like the fact there are two different canopies.  My only downside is that I'll more then likely be running warriors or trueborn in my venoms.  I'll have to use the raider crew on the next venom I make and swap out these wyches for the raider.  I think they're almost a perfect swap.

I decided to tackle the venom first and that was how far I got tonight.  I finished up the hull and underside, and have yet to do the banner poles, guns, and the driver.  I put a clear coat on the hull to keep from smudging and giving it that extra gloss for the armor.  The whole time I was painting it I kept thinking of the spaceship from Naboo on the Star Wars movies!  I'm really looking forward to painting the dark eldar flyer!

Tomorrow I should be able to knock out the crew and the finishing touches on the venom.  Very nice model, I love it.

Next Saturday I'm playing in a 1,500 point tournament.  I'm thinking of going a little old school and either bringing out my Black Templar or Tau.  I'd be great to be able to get some practice games in with the Dark Eldar, but there is no way I'll be even close to getting anything ready, even if I crammed every night to get a three color minimum.

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