Friday, June 17, 2011

Finished Venom Painted

Just finished up my first Venom.  I have to say this kit was a joy to paint.  Since my future venoms will probably be carrying either trueborn or warrior squads, I'm going to swap future crews with the raider kit.  This week I'll work on the two kits and provide feedback with how the swap goes.  I think the main gunner should be able to be interchanged.

The rest of the week I will work towards at least assembling a starter 1850 force.  I just finished up assembling three dark lance ravagers.  I'll try to paint them all at once.  I'm really looking forward to picking up the razorwing kit.  It really struggles against the pure awesomeness of ravagers, but I think it could prove to be an interesting distraction.  We'll see!

I'm trying to also think about how I'll make some beast packs.  The Khymara kit is pretty sweet but I really don't like the razorwing.  Any ideas on models to substitute?  I need to keep to the GW line to be legal in our tournaments.  Otherwise I may just end up green stuffing them.

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