Sunday, September 4, 2011

Custom DE Beastmasters (cold ones)

Now that NOVA is over, I can go back to focusing on my Dark Eldar.  In our team tournament lists we'll be bringing one pack of beasts.  I thought it might be nice to try something different for my pack masters.  I've always loved the Dark Elf Coldones, and thought it would be a perfect fit. 

I used some of the weapons off the wytch kit, but for the most part it consisted of arms & weapons from the raider crew, and the warrior box.  For awhile I debated on switching out the legs and torso, but I don't think the coldone knights are that much of a departure from regular dark eldar.  The scalemail on the legs of the rider are the farthest stretch.  Here's how they turned out.  They have a real exodite feel to them.

I'm debating on what colors to paint the coldone.  I'm a big advocate for limiting the color pallet in an army.  I do have some reds in the hair and plumes of the warriors/wytches so I think that might be the choice.  What are your thoughts about going with red scales?  Either one of two extremes for the flesh; black (or really dark red) or a light dneb stone-ish type color with blends into the red? 

I also have the hounds and flocks to consider, I'll be using chaos warhounds and flying rippers to represent each of those.  I need to make sure I bring out some purples to tie the main color (outside of silver) of the army together.  Choices, choices.  Color selection is such an important part.

It wouldn't be my hobby without some distractions!  At NOVA, my buddy Jeff and I picked up some Uncharted Seas models.  They were on sale due to the fact that the models are getting re-released.  I've always loved the look of naval combat and it will be something fun to change things up.  I can probably get a fleet painted in an evening.  I went with the Imperial Humans and Shroud Mages.  I have no clue how they play, but they look cool!  Do any of you play, and do you know of any enthusiast sites?

primed and ready to go!
The basement is almost done being remodeled after the storm.  I can finally get my workshop back in order!

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  1. I really like the beastmasters, I htink I prefer it to the hoverboard flavour , seems more, y'know , beastmastery..... Maybe I will steal this ?


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