Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hobby Focus: Projects through Adepticon 2012

As usual, it gets to about this time of year and I realize that Adepticon is not far away.  I basically have about 6 months to get all of the projects I want done in time while not getting too bored on one thing.  I've decided to narrow it down to 4 big projects.

This is my biggest project.  Here are some of the things I want to accomplish.

- 1,000 list for the Team Tournament.  Easy.  I'm almost there already.  Key is to get tons of practice games in and be able to switch it up if I find I like one portion more then others

- 1,850 list in for the 40k Championship.  This is the tricky one.  I want it to work based off of lots of experience getting games in.  This means I need to get this flushed out in some form in the next couple of months

- Display board for the team tournament.  We have some really cool things kicking around.  I'll start updating our team progress.

- Display board for the singles tournament.  This is my marquee event.  I always spend a lot of time making a cool themed base.  I have an idea to make a floating pleasure barge straight out of Return of the Jedi.  I'll either have it hovering over a gladiatorial pit or the monster from Star Wars that they dumped prisoners into (sarloc or something like that). 

I really would like to get back into Warhammer Fantasy.  It's probably been 10 plus years since I've gotten serious games in.  I figured  an easy army to paint up fast would be something with lots of skeletons.  Go figure I want to do tons of big beasts.

- 2,500 points is my target on an army size to start with.  I figure this will be a good core.  When it comes down to it I really just want to paint a ton of options to try out fun things

- This is mainly to have fun.  Part of what really consumes me in 40k is always tweaking and fine tuning.  Honestly in Warhammer I just want to have fun and play some games.  Since I don't know how to maximize my points I want to enjoy that "innocence"  and take some fun and not-so-optimized units.

My buddy Jeff and I thought it would be fun to get some naval battle games in and something that isn't Games Workshop.  We got some great deals on the old line of miniatures that are getting refreshed so we didn't have to shell out a ton of cash.

- Paint up 2 or 3 fleets.  This seems pretty easy since I flew through my first few miniatures.  I think for this game system I'm going to go more tabletop and not spend a ton of time on each miniature.  The only exception might be the Human Imperial fleet where I may throw some of my "sun" icons that I love to do.  It would be nice to have some freehand work.

- Make some cool terrain and fun sea boards.  For me this is just as much about having a fun visual game as it is to play something new.

- Get a group of at least 4 people that we can get some semi-regular games in.  I'll be putting my recruiting hat on and try to push some product!

I think my friend Dan and I will still be doing the Adepticon Warhammer Doubles tournament and we'll both be rocking a pirate theme.  I need to start getting some practice games in so I'm not completely clueless, but this will be a fun diversion.

- Make a solid 1k list.  I really don't have many intentions on flushing this army out beyond the team tournament but who knows.

- Tons of themed terrain, display board stuff and props.  We're going for team theme and will be stocked full of rum!  Really the goal is to have fun and break up Adepticon from having 3 solid days of 40k.  Last year just was a little too much.

 Well there you have it.  I'll try and stay on target and focus on these above four goals. 


  1. Hey Carlson,
    I really, really, wanna get a bunch of folks to go in on an Ex-GW employee's lounge. You in?

  2. Cliff, works with me. Now what exactly are you talking about?

  3. My bad, I guess it was only Taylor and Krone I was talking to about this.

    Basically, a bunch of us Ex-GW employees toss $15 to $20 bucks in, and we get a room at Adepticon and turn it into a lounge.

    With the number of ex-emps in attendance, the cash would probably cover the room, setting up a pretty lush bar that anyone 21+ could drink from, and maybe even a T-shirt.

  4. I sympathize. There are too many things that I am trying to do at once, especially winding up for Acon 2012. Norman army for WAB/Hail Caesar, High Elf Army, A Chaos Warband for Mordheim, and several Flames of War armies... yup.


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