Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DE Razorwing progress

I decided during football on Sunday to do some mass assembly line painting of my Dark Eldar vehicles.  I'm tackling all at once 2 ravagers, 4 venoms and a razorwing.  About half way through the day I switched gears and focused a little more on the Razorwing.  Here's where it stands right now.  I've put the base gold and silver down, but haven't finished the cockpit, missiles, or guns.  As my other vehicles go, I brought more gold into the model due to it's "elite" status, and glossed it up like the rest of my vehicles.

Here's the assembly line in all it's glory.  I'm going to finish up this Razorwing then try to tackle all of the venoms at once...

After a lot of thought last night, the thought of just doing unit spam isn't as fun for either me or my opponent.  Plus I'm looking for a little more variety in painting.  The whole net list / spam is effective, but I think I can accomplish my goals of a fun list that still can pack some punch.  Here's my latest on what I'm going to do for my 1850 list.  All venoms have 2 splinter cannons.

HQ: Archon with huskblade, soul trap, shadowfield, drugs (rides with the wytches)
HQ: minimum archon's court in a venom (1 of everything and 2 medusa) will be mainly a shooty light assault element.
HQ: Haemonculus
Elite: 3 trueborn with 2 dark lances in venom
Elite: 3 trueborn with 2 dark lances (they walk)
Troop: 7 wytches with haywire grenades, hekatrix with venom blade in raider with aethersails. 
Troop: 5 warriors with blaster in venom
Troop: 5 warriors with blaster in venom
Troop: 5 warriors with blaster in venom
Troop: 3 wracks in Raider
Troop: 3 wracks (they walk and use the trueborn venom)
Fast: 4 Beastmasters, 5 Khymerea, 6 razorwings
Heavy: Ravager with flickerfield
Heavy: Ravager with flickerfield
Heavy: Razorwing with cannon upgrade... can't remember if I put flickerfield on it or not.

Should be a little more fun to paint.  I still have elements of assault and shooting.  I'm curious to see how the mini-court performs. 


  1. The color choices across your DE so far are gorgeous. My lack of deep artistic skill prevents any other comment besides that ... enjoying seeing the updates.

  2. B,
    they look great! and okay the kitchen table..really? You have that wonderful workroom, and your working on the kitchen table... its cause there is no TV down there right.... All kidding aside, well done!


  3. A VERY slick colour scheme there mate, i love it!!

  4. Thanks guys, this has been a fun model to paint. I hope to have it finished up tonight.


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