Friday, September 2, 2011

NOVA: Recap (pretty pictures)

One of my favorite parts about any major tournament is looking at the great looking armies.  I'll let my pictures do the talking.  Unfortunatly the lighting was low and I couldn't get my hands to be steady enough on macro mode without a tripod so many of the pictures had to be deleted since they were overly fuzzy.

After taking the picture we were lucky enough to face off!  What a beautiful looking game.

It was great to see Dan over at 10 inch template.  The army turned out beautiful.

There were a ton of salamanders armies, one of the nicer ones pictured above.

I loved this display board, my favorite of the con.  I always thought it was a great idea to do a backdrop.

Ultramarine on Ultramarine.  Good thing they based their armies differently.

I wish I could have taken more shots!  Hope you enjoy.


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