Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tomb Kings: Test Model

I think this may be the first army I've ever done where the painting may take the same amount of time as assembly... definitely an easy tabletop scheme.  It's not going to win me any awards but it'll be quick and get an army on the table fast.

I think I'm going to go with the "typical" Tomb Kings colors out of the book of the Turquoise and Red.

Painting was done with a bone colored primer.  I then did a heavy wash of devlan mud, then drybrushed bleached bone followed by white.

Red was a foundation red, mud wash then foundation red midtone and a little bit of highlights with Blood Red.

Turquoise was washed with mud, reapplied then a little bit of ice blue highlights.

The gold parts were dwarf bronze with a mud wash, reapplied bronze then a little extreme highlights with chainmail.

I'm disapointed with the bases.  I tried the Galeforce 9 magnet bases and the sides continued to crumble when I trimmed them.  Honestly it looks pretty sloppy.  I bought three packs of them, so it looks like I'm stuck with them.  Usually I would just apply a rare earth magnet underneath a base.  If I paint some tomb guard, I don't want my elite troops looking like this so I may just scrap these bases.

Either way, I broke one of my long standing traditions and painted the rim of the base brown instead of black.  This is the first time I've done this in over 10 years.  I just felt that black was too much contrast with what's going on and might detract from the model.

I've assembled and primed 8 chariots, 2 war sphinx, 1 necrosphinx, 10 horsemen, 5 horse archers, a priest, 3 snake riders and 3 stalkers.  I'll be priming any of the constructs in black and anything that's a skeleton in bone.  Speed is the key with this army!

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