Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adepticon Friday Recap: 40k Championships

Wow, what can I say I had 4 great games.  Awesome well fought matches with great sportsmen.  In the end I went 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie.  I'll find out how I placed overall tomorrow (and will update the blog with the rankings).  In this post, I'll do a quick outline of my games.  I'll need to hold off on the very cool armies that I saw until I get back home with a decent army connection, so look to that on Monday or Tuesday.

Here's the army I ended up taking.  I used my moving beer cart again and it helped moving table to table.  I'll be curious to see how I ranked on the painting judging.  Unfortunately the hotel I'm at has a ridiculous slow internet connections so hopefully I won't go crazy while all these pictures upload.

My first round was with one of the members of Team Sweden!  I was really excited to draw one of them and he was a great sport.  He was playing a Lysander balanced marine force.

I was able to get the first turn on dawn of war and deployed my webway toting hemo way too far forward.  He was able to surround the webway upon drop so the only thing that could really get out was my Hellions.  The beasts had to come along the long table edge.  I'll give a little idea how the army progressed through the captions.

webway way too far forward and the terminators quickly surround it!

The hellions jumped out and then charged the depleted terminators.  I didn't kill a single one!!!!

Both the wyches and hellions broke off and ran

Ultimately the land speeder came and contested for the game win.

The game was a very close one.  The three objectives were kill points (I never get it), claiming three objectives on your opponents side, and claiming the most out of 6 objectives. Crazy thing was I had the one on his side (one for me) and we each had one total objective (tied) and he more then likely had more kill points.  I shot his speeder and unfortunately on the pen role I rolled a one.  That meant it contested the objective which gave him 2 points to my zero in the end.  Great close game.

My second game was against an almost exact same army but with more terminators and no speeders. I won the role to go first and deployed way forward with spearhead.  That's when things always go wrong and the opponent seized the initiative! 

I got lucky and he flung his units forward around the central terrain piece.  I was then able to slowly whittle his army down, immobilizing the land raider and picking the army apart.  When my razorwing jetfighter came on it hit the tactical marine squad causing 27 wounds.  When that thing hits, it's ridiculous.  In the end I took all three victory points and got a win.

My third game was my favorite by far.  Very hard fought and a chess match.  I played against a meched up blood angels force (very scary for me).  I hid in the middle to get as much cover as possible as he got the first turn.

I was able to eventually bring all but a few units down.  My razorwing did a great job slowly picking the army a part staying at range and at the third turn flew forward 36" to contest an objective.

The Razorwing staring down it's next victim.

At the end of the 5th turn I had two of the victory conditions to my opponent's zero.  We went turn 6... again I was going to win the game 2-0 and we went to turn seven.  My hellions had moved forward on turn 6 to contest along with my wyches moved forward.  With turn 7 on all I had to do was make two leadership rolls (you know how this ends up).  My wyches charged the remaining blood angels mob to pull them off the objective.  I lost combat by one... still had the hekatrix... needed an 8 or less, and rolled a 10.  Wych broke and he consolidated back.

This meant for us being tied victory conditions 1 to 1.  We went to victory points and were only off by 60 so it was an official tie.  What a great game and a great opponent.

My 4th opponent was playing a vulkan list with two land raiders.  The mission objectives were recon (yay!), kill points based off of half your available kill points (so I had to score 6, my opponent 12 on me) and objective markers.

By this time i was so tired I made a ton of mistakes.  Forgot to move miniatures, forgot to fire, etc.  These things happen, I just need to make a checklist or something if I'm going to go marathon gaming on a new army.  Long story short I also forgot pictures and ended up pulling a win out by getting both kill points and recon (we tied on objectives).  Nicely fought and here was the aftermath.

stupid picture won't rotate on blogger!

I'm wiped out and this hotel internet connection meant a 10 minute update took almost an hour.  5 hours and I'll be up for the team tournament!  More updates tomorrow night, catch you later.


  1. One of the best Armies I have seen so far, and definably the best Dark Eldar.
    Great work man.

  2. Thanks for the update Brian! I have a feeling you'll do well on the painting score. Your miniatures are always well done.

  3. Your DE looked even better in person, especially that Razorwing. Awesome looking army.


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