Friday, April 13, 2012

Odds and Ends for Adepticon

We're on to the home stretch for Adepticon. With work being potentially a little crazy next week I need to cram as much as I can into the weekend.  I'm making some serious progress knocking things out.  At least I am sorta smart by getting things done that require longer dry times. 

 I assembled the 5 objective markers.  Every army I do I make 5 since that tends to be the most we ever need.  These will be used for the 40k championship as well as the team tournament.  Basic but fun.  I need to add some sand to them when they dry and paint the suckers up.

 I also painted up all of our vehicle "wreck 5" results.  Since Dark Eldar vehicles are not easy to take off the flying base and I don't want to hurt the models, we created templates that are about the right size for when they blow up to the wreck result #5.  Here are my painted venom and raider/ravagers.  We are also painting up a ton of craters for vehicle crater result #6.  My wife laughed and said they look like they have chicken pox. I agree, but at least it's better then not knowing if the vehicle is destroyed or breaking it on accident!

 I finished my record-fast display board for the singles tournament.  It has to be the quickest and cheapest one I've done to date, but I really didn't have the time to do an elaborate one this year.  This will go on top of my rolling "beer cart". 

Since we're planing on getting a lot of rain I was able to get all of our ships primed up and the barrels/extras for the unit.  Dan and I are heading over to the GW Chicago Bunker tomorrow to get my 2nd game of Warhammer (in 10 years) so I at least sorta know what I'm doing for the Warhammer team tournament.  We'll be attempting to do our ships in the course of a day as well.  I also primed up the blue boards that we'll paint up as sea boards for the 4 armies to be displayed on.

Tonight I should be able to finish all of my pirates, as crazy as that sounds.  It was definitely a speed paint job, but I think they've turned out OK.  I'll have pictures up of the finished project tomorrow.  The 5 hellions are the last I need to paint up for the Dark Eldar army, man... they keep mocking me.  Hellions are a piece of work to paint but I've really enjoyed them in game.

Back to painting, only 5 days left! My wife has been very understanding, I have literally taken over the house with everything and their various stages of being finished.  Here's what I have yet to do:

Dark Eldar

 - 5 Hellions (half painted at this point)
 - 5 Objective Markers (need to paint)
 - creative army list for championship (need to do ink effects)
 - creative army list for team tournament (need to finish ink effects)

Dwarf Pirates

 - 7 pirate "thunderers" (almost finished!)
 - paint ships as a display board
 - barricades to count as shields for my thunderer units
 - creative army list for the team (need to finish ink effects)

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  1. Looking good BC! I'm excited about seeing it all in person, see you in a few days : )



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