Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Future Projects: 2012-2013 Docket

As I was painting furiously last night I thought a lot about my hobby addiction.  I have this weird habit of working very hard on a project and shelving it as soon as it's finished.  I guess for me most of the enjoyment comes from the journey and not the destination.  Even though I tell myself every time it would be nice to know an army better and get more games in, I'm always thinking about the big next project.

Here are some of the ideas I would like to tackle for the next year:

Grey Knights: I'm pretty much settled on the fact I'm bringing some variation of Grey Knights to NOVA this year.  They transport well and I think they play well with the NOVA terrain and scenarios.  As much as I want to do Black Templar for NOVA, I just can't get excited.

Uncharted Seas: Probably the most fun I've had playing a game.  I plan on quickly painting up some more fleets and painting up terrain to get some good beer & pretzels games in.  I'd like to try and bribe some of my gaming friends into the game.

"Pro" Painting Project 40k (DKK/GK/Suns): I've found I do three levels of painting: The first is a rush job like I did my pirates or cadians; all about speed, base coating and washes.  I rarely do this style since it's hard for me to really cut corners.  The second style is a majority of my armies which is good highlighting, some blending and solid paint schemes.  I try to keep from freehand in this mid-range but this probably is what my Space Wolves, Dark Eldar, etc. would fall under.  The final is something where I do a lot of freehand and spend that extra time on details.  My Imperial Suns marines would fall in that camp.

For this Painting Project for 40k, it's going to be one of three options.  First would be the Death Korps of Krieg.  I love the models, and has always been one of those projects I've wanted to put time in.  The second would be taking the Grey Knights to the next level - more on very detailed/converted henchmen and character models.  The final would be adding to my Imperial Suns.  I would like to continue to flesh out that army and make it amazing.

"Pro" Painting Project Warhammer Fantasy (Beastmen): It's more than likely going to be Beastmen.  I want to try and challenge myself to learn how to do natural colors and not my typical strong primary color armies.  Less on contrast and more on unusual colors you find in nature. 

Speed Army Warhammer Fantasy: I need something that I can get on the field to learn the game.  It'll probably mean going back to tackle my Chaos Mortals or add to my pirate force.

Epic / Aeronautica Imperialis: I love playing this game (aeronoautica) and 15+ years ago played a ton of Epic.  I love the different scale and want to do some cool terrain.  I think it would be really awesome to do a city scape in this scale.

Terrain for My Own Gaming Room: My basement is my man cave, time to make it one.  I bought some zuzzy mats and I need to bust out some terrain to start making a hobby community of my own.  Especially for us old guys since a lot of the stores (both independent and GW) have been closing in the area.

Well there you have it.  Lots of projects, but at as my header goes so many projects... so little time!


  1. Those are some great ideas. I'm curious to see the Beastmen. I've never seen them play on the tabletop since the new book came out. I think they have tons of potential and will look really cool once painted by you.

    But then again I loved watching you paint your Imperial Suns when you were at the Deer Grove store, so I'd be curious to see some more. Actually, would you happen to have a tutorial on how you did the Vostroyan riders?

    Oh, don't forget to stop by and check us out at the Killzone tables, sir!

    1. I will be hanging at the Killzone tables every spare minute I get. Last year blew me away. My goal next year is to play as long as it's still going.

      I'd be happy to explain how I did the Vostroyan riders. I'll see if I can add some more and do a step-by-step.

      The Beastmen really intrigue me. I really love some of the non-GW minotaurs from other companies so I might mix a few in.

  2. The Beastmen book really isn't that bad. It suffers from the "Pre-8th" edition mentality where GW wasn't 100% sure what would be in 8th at the time of printing so they made some weird choices like the level 1 beast spell. Otherwise their ability to maintain hatred is incredibly powerful.

    Minotaurs are some of the beast Monstrous Infantry out there too. Just be careful as canny individuals can bait them around the field or redirect them to expose their flanks.

    Again, I wish I was going up to Adepticon... I used to play Beastmen for years and could offer a good deal of advice. Oh well... I'll keep checking back and feel free to ask questions if you have any. I'm much more experieenced with fantasy than 40k. Before you killed me last year (I had the unfinished iron snakes) I had played maybe 3-4 games of 5th edition since it's release. I play at least one game of fantasy a week.

    Regardless, I look forward to seeing your future projects. Even your speed painting stuff looks great (and you are correct that Mortal Chaos is easy to paint up and put on the table).


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