Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adepticon Recap Thursday: Welcome to the Con!

I just got back home from the convention and wow... they really had a ton of people showing up for pre-registration.  A lot of it had to do with the first 500 attendees got a Battlefoam bag.  I took a look inside and was greeted by this huge line that wrapped around the entire 40k section.

The first section of the line!

Mathias Weeks, one of the founders of Adepticon directing traffic

Jeff Chua, one of the other founders manning registration
Even though I came a bit late (5:20) since work kept me, I had registered as a "VIG" (Very Important Gamer) so I got to cheat and go in my own seperate line, which was still about 100+ deep.  Here's the bag that we recieved from Battelfoam.  Not bad, and compliments a smaller army.  I'll probably use it for my Uncharted Seas miniatures.

Now the coveted swag bag.  Adepticon never fails to please, lots of great stuff this year.  Here are the contents of the swag bag.  Since I did the VIG, I also recieved a shirt and a pint glass. The bag had the very cool looking adepti-construct miniature.  A starter box of Hordes miniatures, some sprues from Mantic & Flames of War as well as the annual tokens from Galeforce nine and some hobby supplies from Badger and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Upon entering the 40k room I was greeted to the sea of tables.  In less then 12 hours this will be covered by the 40k championship.  Crazy to think it'll host that many players.

only one of the rooms!

Some members of AWC and Team Chicago Kamikaze

I went back to my car to start unpacking our Warhammer 40k team tournament table.  This year we combined two teams of 4 to make one giant display base.   I bumped into Brian from A Gentleman's Ones.  He's the mastermind behind the awesome Killzone event.  I'll be sure to take some pictures of his tables and events tomorrow.  He was very gracious and gave me the prize support from his event, an awesome t-shirt, the killzone rules bound in a color book and special operation deck of cards.  It's stuff like this that really makes the hobby amazing.

awesome support for the killzone event!

We then started framing out the display board.  Both side sections were installed and the backdrop was put up.  We still need to put in the middle arena, so there is a reason why it looks empty in the middle.

Missing the arena in the middle section that sits on top. Team yellow will be on the left and team red on the right

Just a little more packing of the jeep and off to bed for me.  It's nice not to be painting until 3 in the morning.  Stay tuned to my review of the 40k Championship tomorrow night!


  1. Hey guys. Would love to do an interview with you on the Adepticon Webcast. We are inside the main door on the right next to Battlefront. Stop by. We love your game board.


    1. Alec, thanks for the compliments! We'll be happy to stop on by.

  2. *Sighs*... so much swag... and I missed the plastic Hordes boxes this year! Rats.

    Thanks for the updates, Brian.


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