Monday, April 16, 2012

Pirate Ships Done! Argh Adepticon!

I spent the day working on pirate ships. You would think with such a large surface area they'd be easy to do, but they actually were quite a challenge.  The hardest part was picking the ships up, I'm used to the freedom of spinning models around to hit every angle.  When the model ways over 10 pounds and has breakable bits... not so easy!

 So, so close to finishing what I need to get done for Adepticon!  I still have yet to do the barrels and barricades for my units (counts as shields), but other then that my Warhammer team army is complete.  Here are some shots of the ships in all their glory!

Both units of "thunderers" are also done.  This was the fastest I've ever painted an army, I definitely did a rush job without layering or highlights outside of metals and skin tones.  I think it still gets the needed effect.

Can't go wrong with a powder monkey...

Here's what I have left to do in the home stretch:

Dark Eldar

 - 5 Objective Markers (need to paint)
 - creative army list for championship (need to do ink effects)
 - creative army list for team tournament (need to finish ink effects)

Dwarf Pirates

 - barricades to count as shields for my thunderer units
 - creative army list for the team (need to finish ink effects)


  1. haha this is incredible, i want one!!

  2. You realize you only need three markers right?

  3. Atreides: The company that produced the ships is Ainsty Castings. Great stuff!

    Greg: Yeah I always do 5 for each army, since the max you need for a mission is usually 5. I figure if I need 3 I might as well do a couple extra!

  4. Brian, these look very fine indeed. I've had some stuff from Ainsty myself and it's always painted up nicely. You've done a great job on these, and the pirates look fantastic. I can hardly believe you've done them so fast. Best of luck at Adepticon, and have a great time. Look forward to seeing your photos - just don't forget your camera!!


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