Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nessie & Pals and lots of Adepticon Updates

Sorry for the lack of posts.  It has not been due to lack of hobby, I've been nose to the grindstone getting things ready for Adepticon.  Over the last week the focus has been mainly on my pirate sea monster force.  I've also done some odds and ends on Dark Eldar.  Here's the completed shot of Nessy (proxy for a dwarf gyrocopter

Here are some more shots of the pirates I'm getting done.  Two war machine crews and more "thunderers".  Just looking at these photos reminds me I probably should go back and paint the eyes if I have time!

My teammate, Dan assembled the ships from Ainsty Castings.  The masts are not permanent and we'll be blue tacking them in (that's why they're on weird angles).  Unfortunately I'll have to paint them a lively lighter brown instead of a true weathered dark wood look like ships should probably look.  I based my miniatures a little too "cartoony". 

I also painted up the pain token dice holders.  Here's a few as an example.  The one box of zombie parts made up 20 holders!  We also based up the vehicle wrecked templates, I need to sand them and get them painted.

I'm really looking forward to putting paint on them but I'm running out of time!  Here's what is left on the Adepticon to-do list. One week remaining!  Argh!

Dark Eldar

 - 5 Hellions (half painted at this point)
 - 5 Objective Markers (need to create and paint)
 - 30 vehicle wreck templates (wooden bases done, now need to create/sand/etc)
 - quick/fast display base for championship: I'm going to use my beer cart stand and do a quick topper, nothing elaborate this year.
 - creative army list for championship
 - creative army list book for the team tournament

Dwarf Pirates

 - 7 pirate "thunderers"
 - sea display board
 - assemble and paint ships as a display board
 - barricades to count as shields for my thunderer units
 - creative army list for the team
 - extra pirate stuff for theme

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