Thursday, April 19, 2012

DE Objective Markers Finished

Deep Breath... ah... almost finished with Adepticon prep.  At least it wasn't a late night last night and won't be tonight!  I finished up my 5 objective markers for my Dark Eldar army and the team tournament.  Here they are in all their glory!

I'll be heading over to Adepticon around 5pm tonight to set up our team tournament huge display board and drop off some things.  I'm hoping I get there relatively early to get the extra swag bag goodies.  I'll be sure to take lots of photos and post them up tonight.  Here's the start of my staging area to load up the jeep.  I'll be fitting the beer cart and a few more tables.

Just waiting for my three tables worth of army lists to dry.  I blotted out any of the excess ink this morning so they should be dry by 4 pm (I hope). 

See you all at the convention, and for those of you not able to attend I'll be sure to post recaps with lots of pictures.


  1. See you there in a few hours BC!

    1. Looking forward to it! You working or will you have some free time?


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