Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creating Creative Army Lists

Painting an army and creating a fun list is just half of the fun of a tournament.  I enjoy the "extras" like counters, vehicle wreck markers, nice objective markers and cool looking army lists.  I decided to try something new for our army lists this year at Adepticon. 

I had fun with some resume paper and spray ink stains.  I picked up some resume parchment "copper" paper and used some dark red color for the copy text with a legible yet with the appearance of hand written.  My thought is to make it look like it was written in blood.  To get the blood effect I sprayed the red/brown ink along some of the sides and corners and smeared with newspaper.  Make sure that you don't spray too much into the text; I had a couple mistakes where I got a little aggressive with the spray. 

I used a runic watermark to add some extra mystery.  I think it turned out great and adds a lot of flavor to the army. Here's the ink I used for the spray, I bought a 4 pack of different colors at the craft store Michael's. 

I'll be using the same technique with some variations for my team tournament army list (front and back for all four armies).  For the warhammer team tournament list I'll use our kraken logo as a watermark and use some brown/black ink stains to look like dirt. This is the first round of lists for the team tournament drying.  Once they're done I'll flip them over and spray over the newspapers on the other side!

I'm a big fan of this type of stuff, I think it adds a lot to the overall appearance of the army.


  1. Those lists look fantastic. It's the little extras like this, those people who go that extra step, that make me love this hobby.

    Going to have to try this I think. Is the watermark just printed on, as you would through Word or similar?

  2. onlywar: yeah, I just used a watermark feature in Word. I took the easy route and looked up dark eldar runes on google image search and found those.

  3. Brian, they look fantastic. I'm a big fan of that sort of thing as well. It really helps to fix the mood and the theme before the other players have even got to the table. And above all, it's just so much part of the great spirit in which games should be played. I think they're absolutely terrific!

  4. Brian they look great. Now back to painting. You do realize you only have a week right? Muahaha

  5. This sort of attention to detail is great! I had a similar idea to create my own purity seals. I seem to recall seeing a product at Michael's or HL that turns regular white paper into brown, parchment like paper.

  6. Sidney: You have been an inspiration to me with all of the game counters and objectives you do, the world war 1 themed material has been amazing.

    Greg: yeah, I'm really really really feeling the crunch!

    Skyfall: I'll have to check out that stuff. It would be nice if it doesn't overwhelm the printer ink. I've really had to be careful with this stuff.

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