Saturday, March 5, 2011

B.A. Priests done, & lots of assembly

It's crunch time now with only a few weeks to Adepticon.  It's time to maximize painting time when I'm not traveling and I really need to get some practice games in.  Here's the finished product of the priests and the non helmeted assault marines (minus backpacks).

So what does my hobby A.D.D. do?  Makes me want to procrastinate by assembling a bunch of models.  It was nice to spend some time on the couch with my wife and I got to put together the storm raven, two dreads and 5 death company.  I bought the forgeworld chaplain dread awhile back and by adding bits of the new furioso dread, was able to make a sweet looking death company dreadnought.

I've decided in my gladiator list to add Snikrot & Pals to one of the sidebars.  Traditionally there is one of those missions where a model is able to carry some sort of nasty titan killing vortex grenade.  Snikrot should be the perfect vessel.  I bought the standard kommandos, but needed a few more so I added some old backpacks and bitz to a few ork boyz to make them part of the crew.  I had the chance to make two of the new ork burna boyz too... great plastic kit.

Currently on the workbench is my custom Dante (figured I'd make him look better in plastic) along with the Sanguinator.  As I was working on the priests' power swords I worked on these at the same time.  Additionally in this batch I'll be painting the chapter banner and power fist for the Sanguinary Guard.

Tomorrow will be a non-stop hobby day at the Chicago Battle Bunker where I'm hoping to get a practice game in with my Blood Angels and Ork Gladiator list.

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