Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sanguinary Guard Done! (with basing)

It's so nice to see a finished product, I just wish I was a little better at taking pictures.  Here are the shots of the 4 squads of Sanguinary Guard with the basing finished.  These miniatures took way longer then I expected.  I'll have shots of the 2 squads of assault marines finished tonight after I'm done with the backpacks.

For each of the squads, I tried to match their right leg knee-pad.  For gaming purposes, I also numbered the bottom of the base so I can identify which squad is which easily.

I had a lot of fun basing some of the taller resin bases.  With the ruins, I was able to glue some dried flowers against the facing for support.  Places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels are perfect to find supplies.  One plant is worth decades of projects.  I'm still using the dried plants/flowers from my kroot project a few years ago and I haven't even gotten 10% through the supplies.

Tonight, I'll have the backpacks done for my assault squad and I'm going to try and get as far as possible on the five objective markers.  I'll be sure to post progress.


  1. Brian, the SG look great! The always difficult gold is very solid, the wings are nice, and the anicent ruin bases with all the flowers and folliage really make the models. This army is going to look great on your base at the end of the day! Good luck at Adepticon, hopefully I'll be back next year!

  2. Thanks Jeff! Are you not able to make Adepticon this year? That's a bummer. I'm actually not double booked this year so I'll be there all three days.

  3. While at least the Guard look nice as I mow them down Muahahahahahaha

  4. Greg, yeah those games were pretty brutal. I think I've met my nemesis counter army!

  5. Between my son's spring break and starting a new job things just got to hectic at home this year, but I'll make my triumphant return next year! Good to hear you'll be stomping heads all three days, I'd love to see you finally take the gladiator with your orks!


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