Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yellow Galore; Kans, Bikes, & Bosses (and a Librarian to boot)

Had a very productive painting weekend this weekend and basically finished most of everything for Adepticon.  If my wife ever reads this blog, thanks so much for pulling all the extra hobby time!

I finished the 6 Killa Kans, my Warboss, Big Mek and the Nob Bikers.  In addition I painted up a magnetized jump pack librarian for the team tournament.  Sadly enough, I've gotten only one practice game in with the gladiator ork list, so I'm going to be green... literally. Here's a flood of shots.

It was fun going splotchy on the yellows.  One thing I've realized more and more is Golden Yellow sucks.  It is so translucent but needed for that yellow base. Rather then reapplying after the Sepia wash, I streaked and brushed in straight Sunburst Yellow.  It makes for more dramatic contrast, but on orks I think it works.

Here's the last things I have to do for Adepticon.

- Write up 51 40k jeopardy questions... suck!
- Two 60mm bases for a teammate's attack bikes
- Touch up the Stompa (almost done)
- Reference Sheets & Army Lists
- Work on fixing up the display base for my Blood Angels (going to borrow the kroot one).

Three more nights!

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