Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mekboy Stompa (2)

Worked on a few more colors to the stompa, and it's starting to remind me of a taxi cab.  I added the checks as well as an ultramarine plate on the side.  I tried to give some light effects to the gaze of mork eye and tried for a little bit of "glowing embers" of the lifta droppa. 

I've also started by adding some of the white as well as the first steps to work on the gretchen and ork crew.  The model is in desperate need of some dirt effects as well as metal effects to show paint chipping.  I think I'm going to shelve the stompa for awhile and work on the rest of the army.  Right now it's at least painted enough to play.

Next up, I'm going to finish those 12 pesky Sanguinary Guard, then start up the Nob Bikers!

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