Friday, March 18, 2011

Wings, how I hate thee

I'm hitting a wall with my hobby progress, mainly due to the lack of strength in my painting hand.  I think it has to do with the fact I've been cramming in way too much painting and repetitive strokes (insert repetitive strokes joke here)... mainly due to the damn Sanguinary Guard wings!

Figuring there is about 30 feathers per side, that's 120 feathers per model multiplied by 21, that's 2,520 feathers.  Seeing that I do three line highlights per feather, we're talking 7,560 repetitive motions.  Oh, that doesn't even count every shoulder pad with all the wing grey colored details too and the weapon "feathers".  Argh. Combined with typing on the computer all day for my job, I need to give my hands/wrists a vacation.

I'm really close to finishing them off, here's the work in progress on my chapter banner.

On to the home stretch, less then 2 weeks until Adepticon.  I'm hoping to (wishful thinking) finish the Sanguinary Guard tonight.  That will leave me with:

- 10 backpacks
- finish the drop pod
- 5 objective markers
- Warboss on bike
- Big Mek
- finish the mekboy stompa
- Snikrot and 10 pals
- 6 killa kans
- 7 nob bikers
- 3 grot helpers
- pretty army lists
- touch up an old display base
- do all the grass/flowers/foliage on all the bases
- write the Adepticon quiz show questions, 51 in total and get Jeopardy ready!
- most importantly get supplies for Adepticon (beer, etc.)

Yeah, this will be a last minute rush this year.

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  1. When you break down the hand motions it sounds insane. haha. Your stuff is looking awesome. Keep pushing!


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