Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mekboy Stompa (1)

I had one painting marathon weekend.  Probably spent about 20 hours between Friday night and now painting Sanguinary Guard and the stompa.  This was a hobby first for me, my hand got so fatigued from painting the thin highlights (especially for the Sanguinary Guard wings), I had to stop since I began to lose grip on my brush.  Any other time of the year I'd give it a break, but I'm so close to finishing!

Since on Saturday night, I had to take a break from the fine detail of the angel wings, I switched gears and began the broad brush strokes of the stompa.  Here's my progress so far.  I've put the base down on the metal parts and yellow and can now start adding extra details.  I think I need some elements to break up the model - maybe some checks, scorch marks and weathering.  It's definitely lacking now, but it's progress.

I'll need to reconfigure my lightbox to take better shots of the stompa, I'm not used to photographing such large models.

Unfortunately I didn't get my goal done of finishing the 12 guard.  I've hit the wall with them, it may just turn into some easier painting orcs for this week until I get a little brush grip control back.


  1. Thats awesome mate; been waiting for ages to see one of these on the blogs! It looks great!

  2. GunGrave: Thanks much, I'm going to try and hammer out some more of the detail tonight, I'll post progress shots.

  3. It will be hard to roll dice when your hand falls off........


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