Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blood Angels Objective Markers

I whipped up my 5 objective markers for the Blood Angels.  A couple were stretching it, I just didn't have the creative juices flowing on this project like some of the other armies I've done.  I think I'll go back eventually and do a cool statue, I really like how Dave Taylor did his on his Greatsword Unit.  I took the easy route and modified the marine casualties.  I also did a book of knowledge looking one along with a chaos type looking cauldron.  Guess it could be full of blood angels blood... muhahahaha!

It's a little too windy to do any priming outside, so I think I'll head to the Chicago Battle Bunker to get some painting in all day.  It'll keep me focused, this is the weekend to wrap up a bunch of the things I need to get ready for Adepticon.

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