Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finished Blood Angel Objective Markers and Assault Squads

I finished up the objective counters for Adepticon for our Blood Angels.  I like to do 5 because that tends to be the max you'll see in most games.  I think a good looking objective really adds to the game.  Here's the finished product!

I took advantage of the marine casualty pack.  For the banner bearer, it was an easy arm swap.  I had plenty of extra banners from the Sanguinary Guard.  I didn't go the original route though, painted it very similar to my Sanguinary Guard banner.  I also didn't like the hurt marine that was long dead... figured why would anyone fight over a dead marine.  That was an easy head swap. 

For the fourth and fifth objective I struggled with what to do, so I went to my bitz box.  I thought the inquisitor "Book of Knowledge" might be something worth going after.  Finally I grabbed one of the Blood Bowl trophies as well as an arcane candle thing. Maybe it's a chaos shrine full of blood... or my chapter going towards the dark side.

All of the bases were from Scibor Miniatures.  I don't like the fact that they sculpted plants on the base.  Painted plants just don't seem to mesh well.  I guess if I was overly concerned, I could have chopped them out; laziness won over!

Here are the shots of the completed and based assault squads.  For the guys on foot, I magnetized their backpacks so I can swap up with jump packs.  It remains to be seen if I can go through a tournament without losing any.

Right now I'm working on the Nob Bikers for the gladiator list, and a Librarian with a magnatized jump pack for the Adepticon team tournament.  I ultimately decided against the Sanguinator for the team list and for a little more utility of the librarian. More updates tomorrow!


  1. your bases rock, loving the markers especially the one with the banner

  2. Thanks guys, it's getting dangerously close to next Thursday!

  3. Good looking stuff. I'll have to look for it Adepticon. Although I'll be in the Ancients area most of the weekend.

  4. Psychosis, yeah that's one of my favorite parts of Adepticon is checking out other game systems and looking at great painted miniatures.

  5. Brian, these are phenomenal. I love casualty bases and objective markers, and these are absolutely great. Very best of luck for Adepticon at the weekend!


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