Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sanguinator & Dante finished

Just finished up the Sanguinator and my custom Dante.  I was happy with how the Sanguinator came out.  I did a bunch of protective coats on the wings especially since I have the feeling it'll get roughed up during games.  Still yet to add grass/flowers/etc., going to do that all in one batch.

I have 12 Sanguinary Guard yet to paint, I think I will break them up into batches of 4.  Next up will be the power fist and chapter banner version.

Here's what I have yet to paint for Adepticon:
- Drop Pod
- 12 Sanguinary Guard
- objective markers
- Big Mek Stompa
- Warboss on Bike
- Big Mek
- 7 Nob Bikers
- Snikrot and his 10 buddies
- Blood Angel backpacks (10)

yeah, with only 3 weeks... I'm screwed!


  1. Hey just skip the gladiator and play in the Invitational. Will make it a lt easier on your self.

  2. Greg, yeah I'm really thinking about that at this point. I should be able to pull off the painting, but it's going to be a race to the finish. Just not sure how I feel about playing the same army for the whole weekend.


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