Friday, March 25, 2011

Snikrot & Pals... Adepticon Progress

The home stretch for Adepticon is here!  I have less then a week to get a whole lot of things painted. I finished Snikrot and his 10 buddies last night.  I really like that model, he has a lot of character.  As with the rest of my orks, I'm keeping with the speed painting methods.  Basically I'm doing one color with a wash on most of the model and focusing on one piece to focus - in this case it's a few color highlight/wash of the skin. 

This weekend will be jam packed with painting.  I should be able to finish my 5 Blood Angles objective markers tonight, and I'd like to finish or almost finish my nob bikers.

Here is the list of what needs to be done by next Thursday:

- 7 nob bikers
- Warboss on bike
- Mekboy
- 6 Killa Kans
- finish the stompa
- static grass all the orks
- clean up the old display base
- print out all the lists, signs, reference materials, etc.
- write 51 jeopardy 40k questions for the quiz show

Easy, right?

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