Monday, May 3, 2010

Fenrisian Wolves - Green Stuff

I had the chance to get my first practice game in with the Space Wolves on Saturday, they look so sad in their various stages of paint.  My opponent didn't even know about the Fenrisian Wolves.  So sad, they're such a great part of the flavor of Space Wolves.  Even if they're not the most effective, I'm determined to make them work.

The plastic chaos warhound unit seems to be the best fit.  I like the dynamic poses and the fact that their are more then two variants (unlike the goblin wolves).  I trimmed all of the horns, scales and tails and worked on some greenstuff to make them more "wolflike".  I also added some ears.  Here are my first 7.  The camera battery was dying so I didn't have the time to set up my photobooth.  Sorry about the shots!  Now about 10 or so more to go.

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