Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Infinity Display Board / Dice Tray / Order Counter

I came up with an idea after playing Infinity a couple of months ago.  My dice kept bouncing around and I was half tempted to buy a little dice tray.  Then after thinking I needed a more effective/quicker way to count my orders and move my army around, I sketched out a design to do all three!

Here's my first concept work of a multi-tray.

The dice rolling area is plenty of room and the right height to roll a handful of d20's.  I felt lined it to dampen the roll and keep the noise down.

The order counters are pretty basic.  I just did a floating circle and painted on the arrows and numbers.  It probably needs one more coat of white paint.

Everything else was a few coats of a high gloss black lacquer.  This should keep it shiny and new!

The tray on the end to display my army and move it around has a floating insert.  I'll decorate that with the similar effects I base my armies in.  I'll also do a bit of a backdrop that "tells the story".  It will be removable so I can rotate out armies and display them on a shelf when I'm not using my multi-tray.

Hope you enjoy, and inspire your own DIY tournament trays.

Monday, December 2, 2013

First Infinity Models Painted: Ariadna Loup-Garous

I've been in a bit of a painting slump but am finally getting back.  I've been assembling terrain like a madman over the last couple of months.  My goal is to get 4 4x4 tables at my house for infinity so I can start hosting.  If you've ever played the game you know how terrain intensive that is!

Here's my first batch of miniatures I painted for my Ariadna Merrovingian Strike Force.  I started with the Loup-Garous.  I love how this link team performs in the game, they're brutal.  It looks like they may be one of the more intensive paint schemes with all of their capes.

What I found is the real challenging part for me is switching scales.  All of the tiny straps and details that are way easier to paint on heroic 28mm.  Now that I'm looking at the pictures zoomed in, I want to go back and touch up some things.

I basically went with most of the color schemes straight from the book.  It was fun doing such a small batch of models.  I could mix paints on the fly and it allowed me to try things I wouldn't normally undertake if I had to batch paint hundreds of models (or tanks).

The bases I used are from Dragon Forge Design.  Great product from those guys.  I am not totally sold on the grass I put on the bases, but I wanted to break up the drab concrete a little bit and figured grass would be growing through the cracks.

Now onto the rest of my Ariadna models.  The next batch will be the troopers as well as the Chasseurs.

Monday, October 7, 2013

City Tiles for Infinity

I'm anxious awaiting for my Secret Weapon Miniatures Kickstarter to come in, but I couldn't wait too long.  Figured I'd whip up some easy tiles for 2 4'x4' tables.  My Dad is a genius at woodworking and I spent an evening with him last week doing tons of cuts.  The thought is on these tiles that I'd be able to customize and make cool little vignettes on the "blank" ones and have some standard roads to make as big of a city as need be.

Here's my example straight road tiles.  The roads are 5" wide which seems to be about right for two of the Antenocitis Workshop cars to drive side by side.  The "blank" tiles will be raised by one level so they're flush with the sides of the road.  I'll go and pick up some textured paint to lay down, it should go pretty easy.

Hopefully this will give me some quick and effective city tiles.  I'm really looking forward to doing some fountains, parks, etc.

Since I'm torn between doing a futuristic city and a more modern one, I'm going to do two themed tables... one of each!   The more futuristic buildings will come from MicroArt Studios, Sarissa Precision, CNC Workshop and Warmill and my more modern day buildings are coming from Demo's Laser Cut Design as well as Sarissa Precision.  Here's the links to the sites if you're interested in their stuff!

Demo's Laser Cut Designs Modern Day buildings, reasonably priced, very easy assembly
Antenocitis Workshop Awesome scatter terrain (cars, planters, ads)
Warmill Really cool future buildings.  Lots of clear acrylic parts, tons of character but a little pricey
Sarissa Precision haven't received them yet, but they have a ton of ranges (modern, historic, future).
CNC Workshop I love their stuff, very cool future buildings, crates.  If only shipping from Australia was cheaper.
Micro Art Studios the official Infinity terrain

I'll do some reviews on the buildings over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thoughts on Terrain

I'm still plodding away at adding to my Tau/Eldar 40k force (will probably be my Adepticon 2014 force), but I've really been lured in to doing terrain for other systems.  Since a group of us are getting into infinity, I'm looking at making a quick and dirty urban table.  I think I'll go with a similar concept to what CNC Workshop is doing with their City Tiles

I figure I could make 1 foot square tiles and do cool stuff to go on all of them.  That way I can have some good looking and fast streets as well.  I'd order from CNC Workshop but the freight and cost is just a little too pricey.

I'm also really loving the Spartan Games scale stuff.  We've had a blast playing uncharted seas, and I stumbled upon this demo table for Dystopian Wars.  HOLY CRAP!  

Detailed pictures can be seen at the blog: Hamburger Tactica

Now to figure out how to scratch build some apartment complexes and roads!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NOVA and a Hobby Change of Direction

Just got back from NOVA.  Almost had everything completely painted.  I made my biggest mistake that I said I wouldn't.  Just didn't get that many practice games beforehand.  Which meant I didn't really know what my army could and could not do.

With that said, I did fairly well.  I went 3-1 on the first half and was put in bracket 3.  I then choked in my bracket and went 2-2.  The first loss was due to a tiebrekaer and the second loss was a little suspect.  I won't bitch on that, but there was some less then fair things that went down on that.

I guess I've reached a point where I need a little change of pace.  I have a blast playing 40k and really enjoy competitive games.  I just need to stop painting armies like it's going out of style.  My wife will agree with that completely.  Some of the 40k big tournament scene has gotten a bit out of hand with the whole Torrent of Fire throwing around phrases like "expert advice" and making the scene some big ego driven top tier crap it's just sucking the fun out of things.

To completely contrast I went over to the Infinity room.  Here is where I felt 40k was 15 years ago.  A growing competitive scene, people generally enthusiastic about sharing the hobby and getting others engaged, very inclusive.  Part of what I miss is really sinking my teeth into a miniature and painting like every model is a hero.  When I was a kid on a very limited budget that's what I did.  I'd like to get back into that spirit.

In addition to that I really want some eye candy terrain.  Really immerse myself in the action, make it a true joy to play on.  With Infinity relying on tons of terrain, I want to create that display board effect that I try when I do my more time intensive display boards.  To capture that feeling of what the army/story/game is all about.

I've picked up some Ariadna models, I absolutely love the Frenchies.  I had to catch myself from thinking right away on my next force, how to expand, all that crap. I'm just going to sit down and really spend some time painting them to a high level, play a ton of games, and make some seriously kick-ass terrain.  Once that's done, I'll look at another force - preferably more anime/outrageous (like Nomads or Yu Jing or Pan Oceana).

With the GW Chicago Battle Bunker rumored to close soon, I'm losing my major 40k hang out.  This will give me a chance to try the whole infinity hobby out, and work on my gaming basement to get some 40k tables going so I can start hosting mini events / bbq gaming drink fests at my house.

There's my rant.  Looking forward to a bit of hobby changing direction!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wraithknight Finished!!!

He/She is DONE!  If I don't paint another gem in awhile it won't be too soon.  I probably went a little too liberal on what is considered gems, so it almost looks like a cheetah.  But I think it's a pretty cool effect, that's what wraith constructs are all about.

Here's the finished product.  Now only a crap-ton of suits to go before NOVA.

I sized senior wraithknight with his pal the riptide.  Yeah the wraithknight is a bit bigger. 

On to painting some crisis suits.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

She Got Legs... Wraithknight Progress

I needed a break from painting the monotonous line highlighting of all the Tau armor plates so I thought it would be great to try a portion of the wraithknight.  Luckily the kit naturally is pinned so I can transport and paint the upper body separately. 

Damn, these legs are long!  I started with just one to see if I like the color scheme.  Here's the progress.

There are so many gem possibilities I just decided that any large circular area I'd just paint the regular color of the army.  I know I probably painted more gems than most people but I really think that is what makes eldar a different army - covered in stones.  Hopefully it doesn't look too "pimply". 

On to the other leg, progress to follow. Only a few weeks to NOVA, gotta get crackin!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eldar Jebike

Wow, NOVA is approaching fast - only have three weeks to get my painting finished and I adjusted my list yet again... just can't settle on what I want to bring.  Also means I'm painting up a boatload of miniatures in the next three weeks.

Of of those is the Eldar allies portion.  Here's my test model of a guardian jetbike.  I'm keeping the same color scheme as my Tau but having a little more white then blue (Tau is blue with white accents).  Nothing to write home about, it's simple but I think it looks ok. 

Here's what I have on the docket to finish before NOVA!

- 2 more Broadsides
- 5 Crisis Suits
- 5 jetbikes
- farseer on jetbike
- 1 more Riptide (damn they take a long time to paint)
- 1 Wraithknight (he should go pretty quick)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Riptide Painted!

The riptide is finished!  Wow that was a big model.  I kept the black highlighting simple, probably could have used an extra highlight but I honestly hate painting black.  If you've seen my kroot mercs list I put a little extra flowers and plants on the base.  Nothing too over the top, just a little decorations.

Working on the three broadsides now.  At least I did the biggest model first, these broadsides will be nothing compared to that.  By the time I get to my 1 crisis suit I have to do, I'll feel like I'm painting a single marine.

Off traveling for the next week so I won't get a whole lot of painting in. I might bring my brushes with me, not decided yet.  Nova is only a little over a month away, gotta get cracking!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm around... with Hot Tau Action!

Wow, I really have been distracted with "real life" lately, but still finding a bit of time here and there for the painting hobby.  I decided about three months ago I was going to get serious about working out, watching my diet, and getting back to fencing.  Good news is it has been successful, and I've dropped about 25 pounds and getting my endurance better then what it was 20 years ago!

Bad news, is my hobby has been a little on the light side.  I did decide I'd dust off the Tau and give them a try.  I've been having a lot of fun testing different army builds and am working on a Riptide and some of the new broadsides. Pictures will be up this week as I finish the riptide up.

For kicks, I pulled out all my painted infantry.  Holy crap, I have a lot.  Back in the day I had a fully painted kroot mercs list.  This isn't including all the vehicles and suits that are painted.

Not sure what I'll do with all those hounds, since I have only been using one per kroot squad to give them acute senses.

I've found a farseer is a must as an ally for tau, especially if you don't want to load up with marker lights.  His ability to do fortune and prescience allows for the twin linking madness that tau's BS3 really needs.  Plus two jetbike squads are a big help.

I'm going to try and roll with this list for NOVA.  Still tweaking the specifics, but I'm fairly happy with how it works together.

HQ: Ethereal
Elite: Riptide with ion, SMS, interceptor
Elite: 3 crisis suits, with 2 individual missile launchers a piece (great to be twin linked), 2 target locks
Troop: 11 firewarriors in devilfish with SMS
Troop: 11 firewarriors in devilfish with SMS
Troop: 20 kroot, 1 hound
Troop: 20 kroot, 1 hound
Troop: 10 kroot, 1 hound
Troop: 10 kroot, 1 hound
Heavy: Hammerhead with submunition, blacksun, SMS
Heavy: Hammerhead with submunition, blacksun, SMS
Heavy: 3 broadsides with all missiles, SMS, 2 target locks
HQ Eldar: Farseer on jetbike
Troop Eldar: 3 jetbikes
Troop Eldar: 3 jetbikes

The Ethereal is a must giving the leadership 10 bubble as well as dishing out the bonuses.  Nothing like twin-linking with fortune 33 shots from a firewarrior squad, or 60 shots from a kroot squad.  Nasty stuff for not a ton of points.  I've found the SMS coming in handy too to root out the annoying minimum size squads like henchmen that hide.

Here's what I'll need to paint to make this list finished for nova.

- Ethereal
- 1 crisis suit (replacing one that doesn't look right)
- riptide
- 3 broadsides
- Farseer
- 6 jetbikes

Painting updates to come soon!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tablescapes Kickstarter - Let's fund the ruins!

Just got back from my vacation in Hawaii, wow was it much needed.  Really helped refocus things for me and do what vacations are meant to do, hit the reset button!  I'll try to get some Adepticon coverage up later, but this year may be my break.  I plan on doing some major hobby spring cleaning and figure out what my projects are going to be for this next year.

More importantly... help fund this awesome kickstarter!  I am fiending for the ruined temple board to get funded.  It will match perfectly with my flagstone bases I'm doing for my silver and red marines/guard!  Check out Secret Weapons kickstarter at: TABLESCAPES by SECRET WEAPON MINIATURES

The boards are great, and are sets of 16 1 x 1 foot tiles.  I think with some cool custom frames you can pop them out for display boards.  The thought was mirrored by the team as they even have a backer option to get 4 tiles with a border to do just that!  So all of you that want an easy option for display boards, this may be the way for you.  I'm really looking it as an option for when I travel via air.

This week I'm going to frantically get some miniatures painted in my necron paint scheme for an apocalypse game this weekend. Have some tricks up my sleeve, let's see if they can work!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tablescapes Kickstarter by Secret Weapon Miniatures

Well the last few days have been grueling back breaking painting!  I'm almost done with the 36 guardsmen. I hope to have them finished tonight then on to the three chimeras. 

In the meantime I'd like to inform everyone about an awesome kickstarter by Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Justin is doing some very cool 1' x 1' tiles in unique 16 square sets.  Check out his page at :  Tablescapes Kickstarter

The proof of concept, Justin should have one at Adepticon

As you can see they are fairly affordable, you're basically getting a 4' x 6' table for $190 or a 4' x 8' table for $250.  I'm really looking forward to a few themes.  In order of want, I'm shooting for the Urban followed by Ruined Temple, followed by the trench table.  Depending on how they're executed I may back all three.  

That means this will need to get up to $280k for the temple table and $360k for the Trench.  I think we can get there! 

Very nicely done, and it's great to support someone putting out a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Now a good day at work then back to the grindstone tonight painting.  See you all soon at Adepticon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rockets!!! Manticore finished

...and the guard painting goes on.  One week left, the deadline is looming!  I just wrapped up my Manticore.  This was an old kit I built for my previous guard and a little bit of shoddy work done on assembly.  I think it still came out ok.  Here's the finished product.

What do you think of the cheating I did on the side silver areas?  Basically just the silver color with a wash, no highlighting.  I think since it is not a focal point I can cheat there.

Now it's on to the 36 guardsmen.  Here they are all sad and un-primed.  Got a batch of 7 to start with to see how the finished product looks before I repeat it 30 more times.

Tick tock tick tock... time's almost out!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guard Tank Paint Scheme

I finished my first tank for my imperial guard portion of the Knights Angelus.  I'm going to use this as a template for all the rest of my vehicles.  I really want to tie my main imperial force together so this is it!  Only downside is this scheme takes me about 10 times longer to paint then my old desert scheme.  I think it's worth it though.


Here's a shot of how it pairs up with it's marine buddies.

Big question, I want to start up on my vendetta and rest of the air-force.  Should the vendetta be in the same color scheme as the guard or it's own air-force color scheme?  Not sure if I would consider it more of a support helicopter or more in the role as a plane? 

So much guard to paint in less then two weeks.  36 guardsmen is first on the docket, but am painting the manticore at the same time. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

More Knights Angelus

I finished up 6 more necron wraiths for this weekend's AWC tournament and got right back on the Adepticon push!  I knocked out 6 more marines, which will finish up what I need for my 1,000 points for the team tournament.  Here are 3 heavy weapons, a flamer and two more bolters.

Additionally I think I forgot to post earlier pictures of my finished veterans.  These will double as either seargents, death company (if I'm running blood angels) or sternguard.  Multi purpose all the way!

Now onto trying to paint 1k worth of guard: 36 dudes, 5 tanks and a vendetta in two weeks.  Possible?  Probably not, but I'll try!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Techmarine on Bike with Conversion Beamer

Here is my crazy kitbash of a bunch of different kits to come up with a techmarine on bike with a conversion beamer.  It makes for a fun HQ that is fairly durable and can dish out some strength 10 goodness from across the board!  As all my bikes will be red in the new scheme, I went with the typical techmarine red armor.  My normal marines will have silver and I'll paint the librarian in blue.

Hopefully it doesn't look too goofy, I think it captures the feel without being overly crazy.

Next up, 8 marines!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stormraven Finished!

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted.  It hasn't been due to a lack of hobby activity, I have just been an assembling machine.  I keep coming up with different army ideas and has created about 150+ primed models ready to be painted.  I'll try to post up over the next few days what I've been working on. 

Last night I finally finished my stormraven for the Adepticon team tournament. This was previously an assembled blood angels model.  I made the mistake of tearing off (rather clumsily) the icons on the side.  I jacked up the plating so bad, I tried to mask it with the grey knight books.  Still you can see where the plasticard was really ruined.  Ah well.  I'm pleased with how it painted up!

I think I'll add some sort of gold writing on the red portion on the wings.  It's begging for some sort of latin phrase.  I'll use this in my "universal" marines army so it can be used in any marine force.

Here's the giant list of things I need to get finished for Adepticon:

4 marines
1 techmarine on bike
6 necron wraiths

Secondarily, I'm going to try and get the guard portion done just to give myself something to strive for:

30 veterans
5 command squad
4 Chimeras
1 Vendetta

That'll be a bit of a stretch!  Can't wait for Adepticon, will be fun.  If you're playing in the 40k Friendly, I'll be there in costume to run the event along with my buddy Jeff!

In other distractions, I think I'm getting sucked into the SCA... too much hobby, so little time!
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