Thursday, August 18, 2016

Under Construction!

Sorry all, it has been a long time since I've posted.  My house has literally been under construction and it has kept me busy.  That and a little laziness.  I've done a bunch of hobbying on the side but haven't gotten to take any pictures

Here are the big projects I've been working on that I'll be sure to post some pictures on. 

1.  40k Khorne Chaos: I did a bunch more units for adepticon, and was really happy with how they turned out.  Photos to follow.  On the workbench I'm finishing some daemon princes

2. Necrons: I've added a bunch to my regular playing list since it's so fast to paint.  I finished off some lychguard, characters and a stalker.  On the workbench I'm working on a destroyer cult.

3.  Terrain: I've almost finished up my secret weapon minatures urban boards.  On the workbench I'm doing some MDF street tiles that are more appropriate for Infinity and I'm tackling the secret weapon miniatures grassland and ruins tiles.  Then on to infinity terrain!

4.  Death Korps: All in the assembly phase... that'll big a big project!

5.  Marines: Working on a bunch of pods, marines, and I think I'm going to paint up a few squads of Deathwatch

6.  Tau: I really want to do the drone swarm of the piranha formation.  This means tons of drones to paint as well as 10 piranhas.  I'll need to figure out a fast way to paint this up.  I'm also putting together that huge LOW suit.

7.  Table: I'd like to do a nice looking gaming table frame that can hold all the tiles for a 4 x 4 table and can expand to a 4 x 6.  I need to scan the internet for inspiration.

So yeah, a little hobby overload.  I need to focus!  The game "No Man's Sky" has been eating up some of my free time along with Warhammer Total War.  Just need to wrap up all my Honey-Do lists...
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