Friday, December 10, 2010

Ork Clan Choice

Been furiously putting together orks, and working on my speed painting plan.  The big question I have is what clan do I go with?  My previous edition of orks were Bad Moonz.  Love the icons, might be worth going again with them. What are your thoughts?

Bad Moonz: Yellow, which is a pain in the butt but looks really nice.  I like the life of excess that they live and how they pimp out everything.  Plus the Moon icon is cool.

Goffs: What I think of when I think of orks.  Horns & black/white checks.  They're big and mean like orks should be.

Blood Axes: Awesome conversion potential here since they like to mimic imperial guard.  Plus there are a ton of third party resin pieces that fit well (greatcoat orks).

Here's the list I'm thinking up for the gladiator.  Basically you get a 1750 list and then get to choose which 500 point sidebar you pick each round. The Mek and one unit of grots ride around in the stompa!

Main list: 1750

HQ: Big Mek with kustom force field, three grot oilers
HQ: Warboss on bike with Klaw, attack squig, cybork, & boss pole
Elite: 5 Lootas
Elite: 5 Lootas
Troop: 10 grots with herder
Troop: 30 shoota boyz with the nob with klaw
Troop: 30 shoota boyz with 2 big shootas with nob with klaw
Troop: 30 slugga boyz with nob with klaw (mainly using them since I have a ton of slugga boyz lying around)
Heavy: Big Mek Stompa

Sidebar A

Troop: 7 Nob bikers inclusive of painboy, warbanner, 2 uge choppas, 3 klaws.  Complex unit.
Troop: 10 grots with herder

Sidebar B
Troop: Dread with 4 CC weapons & extra armor and grot
Heavy: 3 Killa Kans with rokkits
Heavy: 3 Killa Kans with grotzookas
Elite: 6 lootas

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adepticon is Fast Approaching

Now that I have my paint man-cave established it's time to get ready for the projects.  With Adepticon just around the corner (less then 4 months away), I need to put together the plan.

I luckily signed up right under the wire for all three days of 40k gaming.  Will be doing the 40k championships on Friday, the Team Tournament on Saturday and the Gladiator on Sunday.  This means 11 games of 40k.  Whoa. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm going to do two new armies; Blood Angels & Orks.

Since the Chicago meta-game has been chock full of Space Wolves, I shelved my wolves for the time being.  I want to do something that I don't see very often so I pulled together the all jump pack (mainly Sanguinary Guard) list.  It seems to be a lot of fun to play and I'm well along the path of getting them complete.  This will be my championship force.

For the team tournament, I'm in a fix.  We'll be doing a desert based theme, so I will need to temporarily fix my models to other bases.  Meaning I can't cross over my Blood Angels I paint on Friday for Saturday.  Not a big deal but it means I need to come up with a fun 1k list.  Only model I really want to run for sure is a Baal Pred.  It'd be nice to try one of the new storm raven kits coming out soon; and pull together a smash-mouth death company & death company dread to run inside.  This doesn't leave me a lot of points left over for scoring troops!  More on this later.

For Sunday, I need a new "big model" to have fun with.  I've played my bio-titan (nicknamed Fluffy) for the last few years, so it is time to try something new.  I've been meaning to get going on orks, so a Stompa would be the excuse to pull together a new force.  Since this means painting approximately 3k points worth of orks (1750 list and two 500 point sidebars), this means I need to go the speed painting route.  I'm testing up some ways to make that happen and still make the force look nice.  I may go the Warhammer Fantasy style of painting... spend time on the characters & interest pieces and let the rank guys be basic.  Also I think I'll just spend some extra time on the skin and keep the rest generic.

More to follow on the paint project and the proposed lists!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

It's been over a month without touching a paint brush and I'm fiending to get it on.  We just moved into the new house and I now have a proper hobby area.  Here's a few shots of my new area, I can't wait to break it in.  Tomorrow I'm running a tournament at our local shop so I'll get a chance to paint some miniatures during the rounds... that is as long as I'm not also running the ringer. The blog resumes!

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